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Our Services

MJL Design Group is excited to assist you with the design of your home. From new construction, a complete remodel, or reimagining a single space, we are prepared tp help you achieve your goals. Our expertise encompasses the working knowledge of all phases of design and construction, balancing your needs while simultaneously respecting what the architecture might dictate, or what we dream possible. Detailed management skills, including budgeting for all phases, project scheduling, and thorough supervision are always a part of the process. 

Mimi takes the time to make sure each project gets the attention it deserves. We put the same effort into making simple room changes as we do to large scale projects. Mimi will work to guide you through the process to ultimately help you avoid costly mistakes. 

Each project that we undertake has resulted in relationships with vendors and contractors that share our standards...thus creating a team that executes a level of quality that her clients have come to expect.

If you are in a position to sell your home, we can additionally assist in that capacity. Working with and editing your existing furnishings and personal belongings, we will "reset the stage" for a fresher, up to date look ..... creating eye catching appeal for your

prospective buyer.

In addition, MJL Design Group can determine how your potential real estate purchase might work, or sometimes not, for your lifestyle. An on-site consultation and evaluation of the space will ultimately save you from making mistakes that might not be able to be addressed in a feasible and financial manner, or can instantly help resolve those potential problems that you might not have otherwise considered. 

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